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The Cypress Challenge (2017)

2018 Senior Team Captain
2018 Senior Team Captain

Team Layne

Kindness Matters! 

Welcome to Layne’s Team! We are committed to #18DaysofKindness in order to raise awareness and funds to benefit the Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance program (JMCH) through Deep Cypress Alliance.

Why It Matters 

Life happens. Sometimes traumatic events affect us and can knock us off our feet. Caring neighbors and small acts of kindness can lift us up again. Trauma and emotional turmoil can often create a financial strain on day-to-day living. The Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance program is able to help individuals and families get a financial leg up again, through the generous support of our community. We are all neighbors with a heart for one another. Please support us as we work toward our fundraising goal of giving back to the community we love and demonstrating that Kindness Matters!

THANK YOU so much for your contribution and for helping us meet my fundraising goals!  

The Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance is one of several programs through the 501c3, not for profit organization, Deep Cypress Alliance. Your tax- deductible contributions will make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, struggling to make ends meet in a time of difficulty. Thoughtful acts of kindness, like yours, can be life changers.

Kindness really does matter! Team Layne

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