The 'Cypress Challenge'

Cypress Challenge

Whether you join and existing team, register as an idividual or create your own team... being part of the greater community good is a thrilling prospect. Make a difference... Participate! Or, simply Make a Donation.

Be a Leader... Be a Team Captain!

What does a Team Captain do?

Choose a name. Be FUN, Be Creative!

Set up your fundraising page and invite other participants to join your team. Reach out to your friends, family and peers to join you!

Lead your team to a fundraising goal. Share your enthusiasm and excitement with your team as you strive together to reach your fundraising goal. You can set a fundraising goal of any amount! We suggest a minimum of $1,000 per individual and $5,000 per team. It depends on what you and your team want to raise together. 

Keep your team aware, motivated and excitedHelp your team members make the most of their experience. Help them register and create their fundraising page. Have fun and build team spirit.

Promote your team on Social Media. This is a great way to get the word out on your team, upload pictures and/ or, a video clip appeal for more donations.

Wait... Why should I form a Team?

A Team Captain is a lead organizer and motivator for the Cypress Challenge fundraising effort. Team Captains help make a meaningful impact on the lives and surroundings of those in the Cypress area. Deep Cypress Alliance is thrilled to welcome you as a Team Captain and we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Team Captains are responsible for recruiting people to join their Cypress Challenge Team, naming their team, setting a team fundraising goal and continually communicating with and encouraging team members during the Cypress Challenge fundraising dates of August 9th - November 8th. The Team Captain will receive ongoing information and updates during the Cypress Challenge.

A team inspires more people, helps you get organized, and raises more money. Teams can represent your community, school, community of faith, neighborhood, friends, or anyone with a common interest and love for Cypress. 

Learn more about the programs your fundraising efforts will benefit at: